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Pandora TelecomEurotech Communication Ltd.

General office
VoIP Provider:SoliCall
Address:38 Habrosh St.
Zip code:40600
Phone number:+972-50-6692618
Contact Persons
Name:Moses Benjamin
Position:Director Marketing
Phone number:+972-50-6692618
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:Voip consulting
VoIP Services:Sip Trunking
Description:PBXMate software Sip Trunk for improving Audio Quality. Removes noise originated from external mobile phones or from the call center, keeps audio level at a comfortable level and removes echo. Sip Trunk solution. Can be used to: • Remove echo your users hear when making long distance calls or calls over WiFi. • Shield your customers from the ambient noise in your call center. • Enhance the audio quality in conference calls with multiple participants. • Reduce background noise coming from external cellular phones. • Maintain a comfortable audio volume at conference rooms regardless of the distance between the speakers and the microphone. • Improve the accuracy of speech recognition engines. • Monitor calls quality to alert, in real time, on low quality calls.

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