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Official Reseller Of Jumblo & Rynga In Nepal


General office
VoIP Provider:Official Reseller Of Jumblo & Rynga In Nepal
Zip code:0977
Phone number:+9779851040323
Contact Persons
Name:Reseller Nepal
Position:Sales Officer
Phone number:+9779851040323
Mobile number:+9779801040323
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:A-Z Termination, Hardware, Internet Telephony Service Provider, Marketing Services
VoIP Services:Billing Software, Hosted VoIP, IP devices, Marketing Services, Outsourced Billing
VoIP Equipments:VSR Systems
VoIP Billing Softwares:InfoLink
Description:Wholesale voip service provider in nepal Voip Reseller Services Provider In Nepal Cheapest Voip Provider In Nepal. Jumblo, Rynga & Other voip available with cheapest Possible rate. Merocalls , a cheaper and high quality VOIP Service Provider which allows you to make cheap and quality international calls from anywhere in the world.We offer Calling Card, PC to phone, Device to phone, wholesale termination. We have reseller program for many district of Nepal. which is the opportunity to earn from your own city by working with us with very low investment. We understand the needs of resellers, service providers and startups and move in quickly to fulfill them. While our excellent pricing allows you to acquire new customers, the stable quality we offer ensures that you retain them. We believe the balance in pricing and quality is what allows you to build a profitable and sustainable business in the long run. Our aggressive yet friendly account management teams have a wealth of experience which they are more than happy to share with you in the field of marketing, operations and customer retention. Our 24x7 no-compromise technical support make sure ensures proactive monitoring of routes to maintain acceptable QOS levels and a 99.999% reliable service. Available voip accounts are: Rynga, Jumblo, voipinfocenter, nepalicalls, merocalls, Apextel, publiccalls, supervoipworld, vooddafone, moazzamvoiz, vergincall, nepalikovoice, nepal2world, iworld, gdnvoip, smartvoip, voipdiscount, voipjumper, voipalot etc.

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