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General office
VoIP Provider:Monea System LLP
Address:Russia, Moscow, Maly Kiselny Lane., 1 / 9
Zip code:200000
Phone number:4995798058
VoIP Provider URL:http://
Contact Persons
Name:Vlaidmir Mihailov
Position:sales manager
Phone number:4995798058
Mobile number:4995798059
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:International VoIP Wholesale Provider
VoIP Services:H.323 Softswitch & CPE, H.323 VoIP Gateway, H.323 Wireless/ GSM VoIP Solutions, SIP VoIP Gateway
VoIP Equipments:2N, Antek, Audiocodes, Cisco Systems, CPM, D-TAC, Dialogic Based, DSG, Micronet, Netvox
VoIP Billing Softwares:ProfitBilling

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