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MaxifonCTS (Cifrovyie Telephonnie Seti)

General office
VoIP Provider:R Telecom
Address:44 Krasnobogatyrskaya st. 802 of.
Zip code:107076
Phone number:+7 095 777 5443
Fax number:+7 095 777 8476
VoIP Provider URL:http://www.streetline.ru
Contact Persons
Name:Maxim Denisov
Position:Technical Director
Phone number:+7 095 777 5443
Mobile number:+7 095 961 4994
Fax number:+7 095 777 8476
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider, Hosted VoIP billing service provider
VoIP Services:Phone To Phone, Fax To Fax, Gatekeepering, Outsourced Billing, IP devices
VoIP Equipments:Mera
VoIP Billing Softwares:MIND, Absolute

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