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Point of presence
VoIP Provider:TelefonicaWeb
Address:Calle abacin
City:las palmas
Zip code:35100
Phone number:+34 902 750 842
VoIP Provider URL:http://www.telefonicaweb.wordpress.com
Contact Persons
Name:Nik Loved
Position:Ex D
Mobile number:+34 693 769 791
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:A-Z Termination, Cloud-based Unified Communications Service Provider, did numbers provider, FREE Callshop Software, Hosted PBX Service Provider, Hosted VoIP billing service provider, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Fax Service Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider, Marketing Services, Mobile VoIP, Network Service Provider, Roaming Free International SIM, SIP Billing, VoIP Billing Software Provider, Voip consulting, Voip Termination ISP, Wholesale VoIP Carrier, Wireless Broadband
VoIP Services:Billing Software, Call Back, Call Routing VoIP Solutions, Call shop solution, Collaboration, Consultancy Services, E1 Bulk Wholeseller, Fax To Fax, Gatekeepering, gsm voip solutions, H.323 VoIP Gateway, H.323 Wireless/ GSM VoIP Solutions, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, IP devices, Marketing Services, Outsourced Billing, Partnering for Origination and Termination, PC to Phone, PC to Phone, Phone To PC, Phone To Phone, Project Mangement Services, Termination, Web Call, Web To Phone, Phone To PC, Phone To Phone, SIP Softswitch & CPE, Sip Trunking, SIP VoIP Gateway, System Integration, Termination, Virtual PBX, VoipSwitch, Web Call, Web To Phone
VoIP Equipments:Asterisk, Asterisk, Asterisk, D-LINK, Marketing Services, SIP softphones
VoIP Billing Softwares:another, Billing system of own development, Billing system of own development, Custom Open Source Billing Solution, IP PBX, IP Phone, Java Based own system, Marketing Services, Novolink Propietary, NTS Billing, Our Own ASP Solution, PortaSIP, TeleCount Wholesale Billing, Voip Switch, voipnow
Description:Free Reseller solution ,customized and ready in 24h with sofphone and user portal with your name,color and logo.Fully solutions billing,routing,callshop,calling card,user interface,did,webcallback,cli callback,voip mobile,customized softphone Completed voip platform, Cusotmozaed softphone,access number around the word,calback number,webcallback software, callshop software,mobile dialer,sip code,sip proxy,. Easy to use, and solution for voip without internet and with any phone or mobile phone. We offer a reseller program with customized softphone (name,logo and color) ,and full sofswitch with calling carg software.More access number in more of 30 country, Quality and very low rates az terminations,user web page and portal.aLL FOR FREE, ONLY NEED TO BUY FROM US THE QUALITY AZ, AND IN 24H FOR THE REQUEST YOIU ARE ON LINE AND WITH CUSTOMIZED SOFTPHONE AND USER PORTAL(WITH YOUR NAME,LOGO AND COLORS). www.telefonicaweb.net

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