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General office
VoIP Provider:PBX VoIP Network
Address:Strandweg 33
Zip code:3004
Phone number:+41315207077
Contact Persons
Name:Bojan Lazic
Position:VP of Sales and Marketing
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:International VoIP Wholesale Provider
VoIP Services:3-Way Calling, 7, 10 and 11 digit dialling, Alternate Caller ID, Anonymous Call Rejection, BYOD support, Call Center services, Call Waiting, Call Waiting With Caller ID, Caller ID, Caller ID Blocking, Caller ID Control, Click To Call, Click to Call Me, Cloud PBX, Conferencing, Fax To Fax, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, Video Voicemail
Description:PBX VoIP is a fully integrated VoIP Provider with different and affordable plans (Post/Pre) Paid, We provide an end to end solution and support by BRIA Phones CounterPath on their list. Buy your DID in any country you want and start making calls world wid The worlds’ first virtually free VOIP platform to offer free and ultra-low cost international phone services with no contract and no monthly fee.Whether you are sitting down for a morning espresso in Hong Kong, a lunch date in Zurich or even dinner in Los Angeles, PBX VoIP Network offers free calling; anytime, anywhere. As the world becomes a smaller and smaller place thanks to the convenience of modern transportation and technology, the need to contact someone in a different continent has grown drastically. However, gone are the days where companies need to dedicate large chunks of their budgets toward international calling services. Instead, VOIP technology now makes it completely affordable and easy to make international phone calls, no matter where in the world you may be. However, not all VOIP services are created equally, and PBX VoIP Network strives to stand above and beyond the rest in the services that it offers consumers. Unlike most other VOIP services, PBX VoIP Network allows users to enjoy a non-committal plan. What exactly does this mean? Well, with PBX VoIP Network consumers don''''t have to lock themselves into contracts and monthly fees prior to enjoying the benefits of this innovative VOIP service. Instead, PBX VoIP Network offers free VOIP services to all US phone numbers, as well as ultra low-cost international calling rates. Additionally, PBX VoIP Network users are all offered free telephone numbers—again, with no binding contracts and no monthly service fees. However, free VOIP services to the US and free phone numbers are not the only perks of signing up for a PBX VoIP Network account. PBX VoIP Network is an extremely flexible service that can be conveniently used on just about any calling device you already own—from your landline to your mobile phone to your computer. This way, using PBX VoIP Network is entirely affordable, no matter what device you choose to hook your service up to. For use with a landline, simply use the PBX VoIP Network modem to connect your landline phone jack to your internet or computer jack; the modem works to regulate signals between your phone and internet services and thereby enables you to receive PBX VoIP Network phone calls through your internet service. Using PBX VoIP Network on your mobile phone is equally (if not even more) simple. Just download the free PBX VoIP Network App to your smartphone to start enjoying virtually free VOIP services whenever your phone has 3G-internet access or Wi-Fi. Finally, individuals who wish to use their computers to enjoy PBX VoIP Network''s services can easily do so, as long as they have speakers and microphone capabilities along with an internet connection. With PBX VoIP Network your calling choices are far from limited. Unlike some VOIP services that limit your capabilities to just calling computer numbers or just calling phones, PBX VoIP Network users have the option of making computer to phone calls or phone to phone calls—including mobile phones. In addition to regular voice calls, users can also enjoy video calls as long as their chosen devices have this capability. Other benefits of using PBX VoIP Network include instant messaging services and virtual faxing. Choosing a VOIP service is an important decision, and the high startup costs, contracts, and monthly payment commitments are usually frustrating issues to hurdle. However, here at PBX VoIP Network you don''t need to spend your time or money worrying about such issues. Not only is PBX VoIP Network free of these frustrating charges, but PBX VoIP Network also offers you excellent free benefits—from free smartphone apps to free VOIP calls to the US to a free phone number. Basically, you can finally get VOIP services that are free of everything you don''''t want and free for everything that you do want. Sign up to start enjoying PBX VoIP Network''s great services today!

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