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General office
VoIP Provider:Blue Logic Ltd.
Address:Bramley Grange, Skeltons Lane
Country:United Kingdom
State:West Yorkshire
Zip code:LS14 3DW
Phone number:+44 113 273 9040
Contact Persons
Name:Mark Rushworth
Phone number:+44 113 273 9040
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:3-Way Calling, 3-Way Calling, call centers, Cloud-based Unified Communications Service Provider, Hardware, Voip consulting, wholesale VoIP
VoIP Services:3-Way Calling, Agent Virtualization, BYOD support, Call Center services, Conference Phones, Consultancy Services, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, Installation and Support Services, Project Mangement Services, Sip Trunking, VoIP Hardware Provider, VoIP Service, VoIP services
VoIP Equipments:3CX Phone System, Antek, Asterisk, Asterisk, Asterisk, Audiocodes, Blue Lava Prorietary 2 & 4 Port Analog VoIP Gateways, Cisco Systems, Cisco Systems, Clarent, CPM, D-LINK, D-TAC, Dialogic Based, Digium, DSG, grandstream, Huawei VoIP Products, Ingate, iTele Switch, Linksys, Lucent, Marketing Services, Mediacore Softswitch, Mera, Micronet, Mitel, Mosa, NACT, NEC, net.com, Netvox, Nextone MSC 4, Nicstel, Nuera, Porta One, QiiQ, Quintum, Quintum, Senao, SIP softphones, Sonus Network, TELES AG, Telica, Tiptel, UOL, Vegastream, vFone, VocalTec, voipswitch, VSR Systems, Welltech, Yoda
VoIP Billing Softwares:2N, a2billing, AA VoIP Enabler, Absolute, Accucore billing, another, ASP Real time, Billing system of own development, Billing system of own development, Custom Open Source Billing Solution, D-TAC, Dialogue Billing, ETS Billing, Forte-IT, GSM-Central, GT, InfoLink, INPERTEL, Inter-Call.com Billing, IP PBX, IP Phone, IPCB.net, iTel Billing, ixc, Java Based own system, K2 Power Bill, KSN billing, Marketing Services, Matrix, MIND, NACT - UNIX Platform, None, Novolink Propietary, NTS Billing, Oracle Based own system, Our Own ASP Solution, PortaSIP, PortaSIP, PortaSIP, ProfitBilling, Proprietary, QBill, RPTD, STC-Dialog, Tario, Tario billing, Tario.net, Telco Solutions Billing System, TeleCount, TeleCount Wholesale Billing, Thirdlane, Trabas, VoiceMaster, Voip Switch, voipnow, VPAN, Wholesale VoIP services
Description:Blue Logic help businesses throughout the North of England to reduce call costs and improve quality of services through the installation and integration of bespoke VoIP solutions. Spcecialists in bespoke VoIP solutions, Blue Logic are able to provide a wide range of services that help businesses reduce costs and improve the overall quality of service. From consulting and project management through to line provider, hardware sourcing, systems integration, installation, training and reporting, our VoIP systems represent best value.

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