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General office
VoIP Provider:Wire9 Telecom PLC
Address:Hunter House, Hutton Road
Country:United Kingdom
Zip code:CM15 8NL
Phone number:+44(0) 1572 78 74 80
VoIP Provider URL:http://www.wire9.com
Contact Persons
Name:Lee Jones
Phone number:+44(0)1572 787 480
Mobile number:+44(0) 7711 91 92 41
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:Internet Telephony Service Provider, Hosted VoIP billing service provider, Voip Termination ISP, VoIP Billing Software Provider, Network Service Provider
VoIP Services:Phone To Phone, Phone To PC, Gatekeepering, Outsourced Billing, PC to Phone, IP devices, Termination, Billing Software, E1 Bulk Wholeseller, Partnering for Origination and Termination, H.323 Wireless/ GSM VoIP Solutions, H.323 Softswitch & CPE
VoIP Equipments:Cisco Systems, Dialogic Based, Audiocodes, Vegastream
VoIP Billing Softwares:Billing system of own development
Description:Wire9 Wire9

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