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General office
VoIP Provider:Cascade Telecom US LLC
Address:1802 North Carson St, Suite 108
City:Carson City
Zip code:89701
Phone number:+1 818 5391070
VoIP Provider URL:http://
Contact Persons
Name:Seda Hovsepyan
Position:Carrier Relations Manager
Mobile number:+1 818 5391071
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:A-Z Termination, Billing and Routing Solution, did numbers provider, Hosted PBX Service Provider, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, wholesale VoIP, Wholesale VoIP Carrier
VoIP Services:VoIP services, VoipSwitch
VoIP Equipments:3CX Phone System, Asterisk, Cisco Systems, Linksys
VoIP Billing Softwares:PortaSIP, Voip Switch, Wholesale VoIP services
Description:The company focuses on the needs of customers seeking quality and stability of VoIP services. Cascade Telecom is a leading wholesale and retail VoIP provider for big and small businesses, established in USA on 2009. The mission of the company is helping the existing and potential customers to build and develop complex enterprises, as well as carrier-to-carrier, consumer and other VoIP solutions for call shops, call centers, calling card providers and VoIP operators. One of the top priorities of VoIP Routes is to develop the quality of wholesale termination, making it fast and effective for both small and medium VoIP providers. The company also focuses on providing competitive and reliable Wholesale and Business VoIP Services worldwide and constantly works on developing new ones.

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