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ReadyNet SolutionsCascade Telecom US LLC

General office
VoIP Provider:VoIP Routes
Address:5042 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States
City:Carson city
Zip code:89701
Phone number:+ 1 818 539 1070
Fax number:+1 818 5391079
Contact Persons
Name:Seda Hovsepyan
Position:Sales Manager
Phone number:+ 1 818 539 1070
Providers Details
VoIP Categories:A-Z Termination, call centers, did numbers provider, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, SIP Billing, wholesale VoIP, Wholesale VoIP Carrier, Wireless Broadband
VoIP Services:Caller ID, Codec, DID Support, Hosted VoIP, Partnering for Origination and Termination, Simultaneous Ring, Sip Trunking, Termination, Virtual Call Center, Virtual Calling Card, Virtual PBX, VoIP Service, VoIP services, VoipSwitch
VoIP Equipments:3CX Phone System, Asterisk, Asterisk, Asterisk, Cisco Systems, Cisco Systems, D-LINK, Linksys, SIP softphones, voipswitch
VoIP Billing Softwares:a2billing, another, GSM-Central, IP PBX, ixc, PortaSIP, PortaSIP, PortaSIP, ProfitBilling, Voip Switch, Wholesale VoIP services
Description:VoIP Routes is a top rated wholesale VoIP provider, with fast online registration, low rate VoIP, SIP services and various VoIP solutions VoIP Routes offers high quality Internet telephony solutions that are practical and cost-effective alternatives to the traditional telephone services. By providing low rate VoIP wholesale termination, we make stronger our position on the world telecommunications market, enlarging our geographical range and getting more customers day by day.

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