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SIP services and security issues

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) used to make, modify, and terminate multimedia IP sessions including VoIP telephony, video, streaming media, and instant messaging.

The operation and supply of SIP services in the public network has certain security issues that end users and service providers should know about . Service providers carry a burden of responsibility because they have to offer a secure and reliable services and they must show that their value-added services do not compromise existing security. Service Providers must make their own networks secure from external attacks and service abuse.

Deploying SIP services in the network opens its core and to security threats such as DoS/DDoS attacks, SIP level floods and other SIP vulnerabilities. Floods of SIP messages and UDP packets can overwhelm servers, grab bandwidth resources, so the quality of voice and video over IP can become poor. Leaving any of those vulnerabilities unchecked amy results in SIP server crashes, which in turn may mean hindering or downright paralyzing a business’s SIP functionality.


SIP Security Solutions

SIP security solutions are to protect the network from external attacks. Knowledge of potential threats and their consequences if such occur can help service providers implement SIP security tools and defensive strategies. The necessity of scalable, SIP-aware controller solution with abilities of SIP optimization dictates utilization of SIP-aware devices, including soft switches, SIP application servers and session border controllers, so that those threats and attacks can be prevented before they cause any damage.

In fact, these SIP security measures also deliver an enhanced user experience, and improve service continuity, including SIP optimization of high-touch and loaded/congested points for IMS core implementations across all of the SIP-aware network elements. Security solutions must include intrusion prevention systems as well as prevention of DoS and other attacks and server overload through SIP load balancing.

With the correct SIP security tactics employed service providers and businesses can provide network access to users at the same time guard their business-sensitive information from harmful activities. Proper protection of systems guarantees future growth within a network. As SIP traffic growths, security allows for scalability in a network.

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