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A software based PBX, which is available for Linux, MacOSX and BSD, features all the whistles, bells and rings you can expect form a PBX. Asterisk is supporting some protocols of voice over IP, and it is also compatible with the most telephony standards and it does not require a high tech expensive hardware to run. A number of advantages and disadvantages are shown here below.
Asterisk? What it really is?

Asterisk is a full scale call processing server as well an open source toolkit for telephony applications and it can be easily added to an operating PBX and Asterisk VoIP system, or it can be setup as a separate system. Besides redirecting phone calls through IP, it can be connected to Time Division Multiplexing hardware. Actually, it is a Computerized Telephony Integration or simply CTI platform, with VoIP input and output channels.

Here are some of the advantages 

 It is open source software and it is free to download, making its low cost one of the main advantages.
 One can review all the features supported on its website. And it is worth to point out such features as call queuing, conference bridge, call monitoring, voice mails 
 The program has its own IAX protocol, and it also supports H.323, SIP, MGCP, and SCCP allowing you to use SIP phones and Cisco Skinny clients.
 It also works with traditional telephone technologies.
 Additionally, it can work with conventional analog phone systems, including the interfaces that deliver and receive regular PSTN services, such as Foreign Exchange Office and Foreign Exchange Station.
 There is a number advantages setting up IAX protocol over SIP when connection must be reached using Network Access Translating (NAT) devices. For signaling and media IAX uses UDP, but not Real Time Transport Protocol (RTP), it results in reduced overhead and allows sending more calls via the link. And only one port is employed (4569)


 A slight drawback is its complexity, which in theory can reduce the reliability of the telephone system. Nevertheless, some features, will make it reliable, and the system will not just crash because of one phone out of order.
 One more drawback is the required time to apprehend the new procedures in order to route calls in-between phones.
 And one more: Yet another: since Asterisk cannot make out which person the phone call is, the incoming calls don’t get redirected to the desired person. A probable solution might be a form of an interactive menu, though this it can be a drawback. The other way to solve it would be routing the caller to a specific caller id based extension.


In a move that may send shivers down mainstream spines IP PBX vendors like Cisco, avaya and ShoreTel, michigan CAT has deployed an open source Asterisk IP PBX to handle its cellphone call and contact center at half the cost of what infomercial vendors will have charged. TED talks make that doable to do in a single sitting.

Study. Asterisk preps assault on unified communications the CIO in choice charge was a little nervous about whether the free application could support 300 phones across 7 sites, with his urging EO -an open source fan -he went ahead with the project one way or another.


Besides, network prep, free or a tech to handle the project fulltime all came with a price tag, the application itself was peripherals. You should take it into account. Overall the savings or alternatives and the flexibility to add newest custom capabilities over time make the choice seem obvious in retrospect, says Scott McCrea and in addition CIO for the firm, which is a statewide dealership for Caterpillar heavy equipment I'm proud of our own choice, he says. They say nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM or Cisco. That said, that is very true about choosing Asterisk.

It's tough to say, mcCrea might be a pioneer after choosing the opensource platform. The down economy hit PBX sales tough -down 25 per cent in 2009 -says Matthias Machowinski, an analyst with Infonetics. The crunch probably pushed more businesses to at least consider free alternatives. Now let me tell you something. Opensource was driving down prices, he says. For example, measuring CIOs number like McCrea who are willing to practice, download, support and deploy the 'open source' PBX code is tough as a better number tracked is downloads. They've been steadily growing, the entrepreneur and as indicated by Digium that oversees Asterisk free version and sells enhanced, supported versions. Mostly, downloading the script doesn't necessarily mean it winds up in production networks.

Of course, asterisk and opensource PBXs held a 18 per cent marketshare among PBX vendors in North America. Consequently, the study by Eastern Management Group projected that use of open source PBX application will grow by 40 percent this year. Then, he in the first place bypassed it and spent 6 months evaluating IP phone systems from Avaya, mcCrea says his big concern was whether Asterisk could scale vast enough to meet Michigan CAT's needs, cisco, siemens or even ShoreTel.


Cost estimates came in at 300,000 to 400,000, and in January of this year McCrea's CEO Jerrold Jung pushed him to get another look at Asterisk. Basically, the business was usually developing a ERP scheme based on open source components. For instance, while talking to next Asterisk users convinced him Asterisk should scale, he had to figure out whether to hire a 3-rd party to deploy the setup or hire people to shepherd it through and stay on to expand its capabilities over time. He chosen the last since he wanted ongoing support and development. He hired John Laffey in April.

This is where it starts getting really interesting, right? Laffey says his 1st task was to familiarize himself with the Avaya method and how it was used at the 7 Michigan CAT sites. He spent a couple of months studying that and the interoperability betwixt the Avaya scheme and Asterisk so he could plan the cutover. He as well worked with the firm's network manager to identify infrastructure needs to assist VoIP as the old enough TDM phone scheme was shut down. That required upgrading to poweroverEthernet switches to run the Polycom phones the entrepreneur purchased to guide Asterisk besides a IOS upgrade to Cisco routers to guide a voice virtual LAN and quality of service.

So, while PRI and FSX cards to connect to phones and the quite old PBXs, he laid in HP ProLiant servers provisioned to assist Asterisk. He then went about configuring Asterisk to emulate Avaya features method that were essential such as routing of calls by auto attendants and setting up voicemail.

Doesn't it sound familiar? In purchasing Session Initiation Protocol trunks from Sprint to replace conventional ATT Centrex, individual lines or T1s solutions that made up the pretty old phone network, michigan CAT discovered bandwidth was overprovisioned. When replacing the ATT connections with equivalent sized SIP trunks, the business is saving 40 percent right off the bat since SIP trunks cost less. He could get an extra 5 percent to 10 percent savings once the links are sized appropriately for every site, mcCrea says. Tuning the SIP trunk contracts to allow bursting may further savings, a lot of business's phone traffic is seasonal, he says.

The total hardware Asterisk cost project came to 150,network upgrades, 000, straight line, which includes phones, trunk cards or servers cards. With Laffey's salary tacked on, mcCrea projects a '18month' return on investment based on lowered costs. That monitoring will in addition let him understand in the event a site's phones go down. You should take it into account. The entrepreneur has preconfigured standbys that could be driven to the downed site to get it back online, when the trouble is with the Asterisk server.

This is a step up from the pretty old method where outages generaly resulted in finger pointing betwixt ATT and Avaya for half a week. Besides, somebody had to call to have inbound calls to the downed site rerouted to firm headquarters in Novi, mich. This gives us a cool plan than we had, mcCrea says. Receptionist workstations display more facts about calls than was reachable via Avaya receptionist consoles.

Down the road, the entrepreneur plans to integrate the phone scheme with its ERP scheme. That will give contact center agents screen pops of customer histories as calls come in and let calls routing to the same agents that customers talked to the last time, he says. Over time it will crosstrain next IT staffers so they can step in when Laffey's not around, mcCrea says, at the second, laffey is an indispensible cog in Michigan CAT's telephony machine. Yes, that's right! Usually, some staffers have components of his skills, he says. Alternatively, the firm could hire a 3rd party to fill in case the commitment arises, he says.

usually, in hiring Laffey, mcCrea says he purposely chose people with good folks skills to ensure attention to training and quick responses to calls for help. Remember, he regards the time Laffey spent familiarizing himself with the buziness and the phones uses as an investment that will pay off as he adds newest features that will enhance productivity. 


CAT distributorships are mostly housekeeping owned and the IT departments in special states share including, mcCrea says and even experiences knowledge about their phone systems. On top of this, he's looking forward to showcasing to them what he's done with Asterisk in Michigan, a lot of his peers use Cisco phone systems.
VoIP Newest WIKI - Asterisk
asterisk 1.6
Asterisk 1.6 emerged with the several features of version 1.2 and 1.4, and also it features new dial plan functions. Further  is the list of the recent updates on functionality changes.
Asterisk 1.8 PBX
Open Source Asterisk PBX 1.8 release within Long-Term Support (LTS) commitment  The release of the 1.8 version as an open source VoIP project targeting its own long term support (LTS) project.
Asterisk and Skype
Asterisk & Skype are becoming merged entities, once technology is integrating features and functionality of one into others software, allowing customers to make Skype calls from their Asterisk phones.
Asterisk Cards
Asterisk cards have a different number of ports, due to the variety of needs for different applications, manufacturers try to address them. For beginners, one can request for Asterisk card with single port configured with 1 FXO module. At first, you receive the option of accept incoming calls, afterwards you can route them anywhere within your IP network. It’s only in case of a live call, and than your line is busy because you have a single FXO to handle that call. 
Asterisk dial plans
Plenty of business companies use free Asterisk software and place it on their server, thus creating a cut-rate IP-PBX. They use manuals provided on setting up the extensions, and occasionally there are lots of discrepancies. Finding out how to install a dial plan or call flow, the set of regulations detailing how the switch deals with inbound and outbound calls is very difficult.
Asterisk GUI
Mini Asterisk GUI A handy Web GUI with supportive documentation and quick learning cycle is called Mini Asterisk. Existing analog jacks and IP phones are defined automatically, and no procedures of Asterisk configuration are required.
asterisk key
Frequently used passwords can be stored by Windows, for instance, Outlook Express email access or for a FTP (File Transport protocol) connection. Once you are not required to enter them over and over manually, these words just are being forgotten. 
asterisk servers
Main portion of the advantages of the Asterisk server appears from it being an open source downloadable product. Most of the users, especially business people, can find it difficult to understand the idea behind this principle, or free software, but a business models behind open source are different and specific, as in case with Asterisk server.
asterisk voicemail
Asterisk voicemail implementation provides integrators with option to replace proprietary existing voicemail systems with Asterisk voicemail at a merely symbolic cost. The service can be applied as a basic stand-alone utility or can operate a front end of an Unified Messaging system, holding messages by IMAP or ODBC.  Creating the Asterisk voicemail server is simple and just a fraction of dial plan scripting is being needed.
asterisk voip
It is is considered as one of the most prominent entity in the VoIP world. Company Digium has created it as a fully innovative approach to telecommunications. This company has delivered such software that enables people to configure a server and start to make calls. 

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