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What is a Call Center?

What is a Call Center?

Call center -  is a center of taking care of calls, centralized office, used for receiving and forwarding high volumes of information, incoming by the way of phone calls. By type of organization call centers are divided into three categories: corporate, outsourcing and call center by demand. Choice of category and VoIP services firstly is based on defining the tasks, functional requirements and possibilities of managing the work flow of a call center.

Development of Personal Call Center

Creation of personal call center allows, first of all, more qualitative handling of phone requests, what improves the loyalty factor from the client’s side. In practice development of the call center starts with, that the company identifies several workers, whose main task is picking up and handling the customers’ requests. As a technical base for new call center serves a server with special software. By the time the company develops, those workers can grow into specialized department. Besides the company has the ability to fully control the work flow of the call center. This is critical in the cases, when information, which is accessible to the operators, is confidential, and it cannot be trusted to any other call center on the side (banks, some financial organizations) or the operators need more complicated trainings. In example, for medical organization it is easier to teach a person with medical degree skills of the telephone communication, than the operator to be taught medical skills. 

The advantages of the internal call center are low risk of the information leek, client data base; no risk of fake accounts; better feedback, gathering of the information, with which issues the customers addressed the company, high quality of service due to professional knowledge of the subject by the operator.

Due to high start up costs, there is no point in making a call center for processing small number of calls or one day promotions, for these purposes it is better to use Outsourced Call Center.

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Outsourced Call Center
For one time advertising promotions or typical requests it is easier to use services of the outsourced call center. Main advantage of such a service is that the company who rents it is free from the necessity of keeping the operators and organizing their work flow.

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