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What is a Call Shop?

What is a Call Shop?

A privately owned business allowing its customers making local, long distance or international phone calls at greater discounts or more competitive rates than traditional providers of telephone communications is a Call Shop. Call Shops are usually located in key locations across the city or in some specific places as hotels, universities, schools, restaurants etc. They are most popular amongst tourists, immigrants and people willing to save on international phone calls. The revenue of a call shop usually depends on the volume of phone time the customer uses in the phone booth.
There are two types of Call Shops, one is prepaid and the other one is postpaid. Prepaid call shops usually require customer to pay upfront and only after that provide the access to the phone station. Than the billing software will monitor the duration of the call corresponding to the amount that was paid by the customer. Postpaid call shops allow a customer to use a phone station first, and when the conversation will be over, billing software will generate an invoice for the customer, which has to be paid to the operator.

In order to run a call shop one needs to have a VoIP account with international calls provider, billing software in order to manage all the prices and bills, VoIP box with the corresponding number of ports to the number of phone booths and the Internet Connection.

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Basic steps on staring up a Call Shop business
The basic idea behind a Call Shop business is to have a place where customers can make local, long distance or international phone calls. The main sources of revenues will come from the minutes customers are going to spend on the phone. So it all depends on the rates that you are going to setup, just make sure that they are lower than the ones offered by the providers of international call services.
Call Shop Billing
Call Shop Billing is software which is widely used in Call Shops and Internet Cafes, where visitors make phone calls or use Internet services and afterwards pay the operator for the used services. This software is not only restricted to internet billing and phone calls, but it also includes a management system for the orders such as Scans, Photocopies, Prints, CD and DVD writes, basic catering services.
Call Shop Billing Software 5.1
Call Shop Billing system allows you to grant your customers with a credit by making payment before they make an actual call.
Call Shop Rate Management
Rates of the call shop are usually defined by the administrator, but the rate plans are managed in the main database of the billing system. All the rates are dependent on the charging policy; in case of a destination based billing rates are specified according to the area codes in the supported destinations.
Calling Cards versus Call Shops
A decade ago, call shops were the most convenient way for tourists and immigrants to contact their families. Today however, this has changed, the number of ways getting in touch with their families abroad has increased with the Internet, and currently it is threatening to the survival of the call shops. 
Choosing the Software for a Call Shop
In order to take care of the billing process and keep track of calls it is essential to have some sort of computer software. The system you are planning to select should allow the manager setting up prices per minutes and show the reports of calls that were made by the customers. For the operator the installed software has to provide a possibility to control the booth status, what amount to charge and generate invoices or receipts.
Choosing the VoIP provider for your Call Shop business
Voice of IP of VoIP technology, is the one which completely changed the telecommunications market by transmitting voice over the Internet. During past several years it expanded in such a way that right now it covers each and every corner of the world and it became the new standard of telecommunication. Nowadays there are plenty of companies offering different kinds of services and devices.
PBX Call Tarifficator Pro
PBX Call Tarifficator Pro is a billing and call accounting system, helping to manage all phone traffic coming to and out of you offices switching system.
SipTar CDR CallShop
SipTar CDR CallShop billing software ensures control of up to 16 cabins simultaneously, creation of invoices in real time and browsing the history of calls made by customers from each phone cabin. 
The majority of PBX systems are able to output Call Detail Record (CDR) or Station Message Detail Record (SMDR). Basically the systems are the same and they contain detailed information of telephone activity inside the organization. Usually these reports contain information regarding all the incoming and outgoing calls, the information includes dates and times of the call, duration, direction, numbers dialed and Called ID.

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