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Call Shop Billing Software 5.1

Call Shop Billing Software 5.1

Call Shop Billing system allows you to grant your customers with a credit by making payment before they make an actual call.
So using this system you will have two different options, either bill you customers before they make a call or bill them after the completion of the call. This software will allow you to real time bill the prepaid call shop user. The Call Shop Billing system will always check for the user’s available money on account before authorization of the call and it will always end the call when the balance reaches zero credit points.

This system is simple in use, it works on a principle of a customer coming to an operator making a deposit and afterwards the operator will assign a phone booth, which is free. When the customers will be making calls, does not matter to witch destination, the billing software will let them make calls to the amount that was pre deposited at the counter or alternatively to the amount, which was programmed by the operator. And the moment the programmed balance will exceed its level the call will be disconnected. Using this billing platform, one can download and view Call Detail Records in real time.

Call Shop Billing System is compatible with RADIUS servers and with switches producing CDRs directly. This software support Quintum, Mera, Cisco, Clarent, ShoutIP, GNU GK softswithces and all the gateways and gatekeepers providing the radius client functionality or producing CDRs. This software is available in various language versions.

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