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Calling Cards versus Call Shops

Calling Cards versus Call Shops

A decade ago, call shops were the most convenient way for tourists and immigrants to contact their families. Today however, this has changed, the number of ways getting in touch with their families abroad has increased with the Internet, and currently it is threatening to the survival of the call shops. 
Nowadays in most of the big cities around the world you can notice dozens of call shops, which inside have phone booths allowing you to call almost any country in the world with attractive call rates. Call Shops can be easily discovered, they are distinguished by the sign of the flashing neon phone in most cases.

Sometimes these shops offer a lot more than just calling booths, in some shops people can wire money home or buy groceries. As one of the call shop owners indicated that they have to diversify the needs of the customers if call shop business owners want to survive in the business.

The main threat to call shops are calling cards, the ones you can use with your own phone line and others which are prepaid SIM cards usually used with a cell phone. Tendency right now shows that people rarely use the call cabins they are just empty, because people use cards now. The problem with the calling cards is that the call shops have a lower profit from them, comparing to call booths.

In the end of the day there are still plenty of call shops available, but not many new ones are created. And most of the shops have just the owner and couple of employees. However you can notice the stickers of calling cards available for purchase almost on every shop.

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