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What is Cisco?

Cisco Systems, Inc – an American transnational company, which develops and sells the network hardware. Strives to introduce the full specter of network equipment, and by this is gives the opportunity for the client to obtain all the necessary equipment directly from Cisco Systems.

The name Cisco – is a short from the name of the city San Francisco, California. Earlier when the founders were choosing the name, they often selected the names, which were already used. In the end, someone offered to name it „cisco“starting with small „c“(there already was a company named „CISCO“).

The name ciscoSystems (with small „c“) continued to be used in engineers community long after the company changed its name to Cisco Systems, Inc. Until now one can see a name of „ciscoSystems“ in IOS messages and error reports. The logo of the company represents the stylized image of the „Golden Gate Bridge“

One of the leading companies in the world specializing in high technology field, in the beginning was dealing only with corporate routers. Cisko call itself a world leading company in the field of network technologies for the Internet.

Cisco systems created a multilevel branched certification system of the computer network engineers. Thankfully to the fact the systems tests not only check for the knowledge of Cisco products, but also for the knowledge of network technologies and protocols, many organizations, working with the equipment of different companies, acknowledge the value of Cisco professional certificates. Especially the CCIE certification is one of the most respectable in computer industry.

Head quarters of the company are based in San Jose, California. The chairman of the company is John Chambers.

The married couple of Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner founded Cisco Systems in 1984. They worked as computer personnel in Stanford University. Leonard Bosack adapted many routing protocols, written by William Yeager, other worker, who began his work few year before Bosack came from the University of Pennsylvania, where he obtained the Bachelors degree.

Although Cisco was not the first company, which developed and sold routers, it also created first commercially successful multiprotocol router. This device allowed before incompatible computers to interact, even if they used different network protocols.

In 1990 Bosack and Lerner left the company with 170 million dollars, after the venture investors introduced the professional managers into the board.
Using the acquisitions of the company, internal developments and partnerships with other companies Cisco entered the market of the IP telephony with its IP telephones, Call Managers, gateways for the network of the World Wide Web.

In 2003 Cisco bought the Linksys, popular producer of the computer network equipment, and now positions the trade mart Linksys as network equipment for home and small business.

Nowadays Cisco produces big among of different devices, like:

  • Routers
  • Ethernet switch
  • Product for IP telephony such as IP-PBX and VoIP gateways
  • Network Security Devices
  • Wi-Fi connection points
  • Platforms for optical switches
  • DSL equipment
  • Universal gateways and remote gateways
  • SAN, Storage Area Network
  • Software for network management
  • Video surveillance Systems
  • Servers
  • Large videoconference systems TelePresence

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Cisco 6901 Unified IP Phone
Cisco 6901 IP phone model is used for creating inexpensive communication networks in places like elevators, hotel or restaurant corridors etc (UC Phone 6901, Standard handset).
Cisco 6911 Unified IP Phone
Cisco 6911 is inexpensive model of the IP phone to be placed in the libraries, lecture classes and remote workers (Cisco UC Phone 6911, Standard handset). The specialty of this model is programmable functional key ensuring quick access to modern day communication services. Three-color line LED provides visual monitoring.
Cisco 6921 Unified IP Phone
  Cisco 6921 is inexpensive business class IP phone model supporting video connection (Cisco UC Phone 6921, Standard Handset). Cisco 6921 IP phone supports up to 2 lines has full-duplex loudspeaker, supports call holding on each line, hold, transfer, conference keys, tricolor indication of line condition, functional keys for simplified use of IP phone functions.    
Cisco 6941 Unified IP Phone
Cisco 6941 business class IP phone model, with support of video communication and extended possibilities, (Cisco UC Phone6945, Standard Handset).
Cisco 6945 Unified IP Phone
Cisco 6945 Business class IP phone model ensures video communication support and expanded possibilities. This device supports up to four lines, has full-duplex loudspeaker communication, supports call holding option on each line and perfectly suits administrational personnel, financial structures, managers etc.
Cisco 6961 Unified IP Phone
Cisco 6961 IP phone model is the final in its family line is mostly used by management and clerks, the model support voice and video communications (Cisco UC Phone 6961, Standard Handset)
Cisco 7200 Series Routers
Cisco 7200 Router is a provider class hardware ensuring internet traffic with the speed of up to 2 million packets per second.
Cisco 7911G Unified IP Phone
Cisco Unified 7911G IP phone is meant for office workers, retail shops, workshops, and any other workers generating small to medium phone call traffic.  
Cisco 7921G Unified Wireless IP Phone
Cisco 7921G is a wireless IP phone bases on the Wi-Fi (ETSI; CCM/CCME UL Reqd;Battery/PS Not Included) data transfer technology.
Cisco 7925G Unified Wireless IP Phone
Cisco 7925G is a convenient wireless IP phones supporting IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards (7925G ETSI/CME UL Reqd; Battery/PS Not Included)

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