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What is VoIP Gateway?

What is VoIP Gateway?

Term VoIP (Voice over IP) literally means “voice communication over the Internet”. VoIP gateway – is the main device used for the communication to happen.

Brief summary and characteristics

VoIP gateway – ensures the decrease in expenditures related to corporate telephone communications, making it especially beneficial for the organizations with a large number of offices across the country and abroad. As well, it becomes much easier to connect with remote workers. Even in case when a company is facing temporary difficulties with the connection to the telephone network, the situation can be solved with help of IP telephony and the advantages of VoIP gateway.
VoIP Gateway types:

  • Multi-channel
  • Single-channel
  • Analog
  • Digital

Multi-channel VoIP gateways are mostly used in corporate processes, connecting between several offices of the company.
Single-channel VoIP gateways basically do not differ much from telephony systems. The traditional analog phones are meant to be connected to them. Single-channel gateways are widely used in small offices, with no more than three to four workers.
Analog VoIP gateways are used for connection with analog phone lines. Usually standard is from 2 to 24 lines.
Digital gateways are connected with digital communication lines. This allows the creation of a network, which combines the services of telephone communications and data exchange. Most popular lines are – BRI ISDN (used in Europe) and T1 (used in USA).

What has to have the VoIP gateway?

As a rule, each gateway has the built in router, which supports the wide number of routing protocols. Additionally VoIP gateway has the user authorization system with capability of automatic generation and distribution of IP addresses (as a server and as well as a client)
In gateways it is possible to setup up priorities for different types of traffic. Each of them has the necessary set functions for bandwidth management, network security, traffic analysis and administration.

The technical differences between gateways:
  • By capacity ( by the number of telephones interfaces)
  • By structure ( tabletop or 19’ rack)
  • By power supply unit (internal or external)

Connection and Configuration

VoIP gateway can be easily connected with analog and digital office telephone switches of such producers as Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Siemens and many others. Type of the connection depends on how many free ports the station has, and what are the call routing capabilities. However the main conditions when choosing and connecting the gateway are the actual tasks and VoIP services, which it has to solve and handle.

Connecting the VoIP Gateway

Most often the connection is to urban or internal phone station lines. In the beginning the amount of international calls has to be considered. Next step is choosing the gateways with different number of channels, because the number of simultaneous connections is depending on it.

Configuration of VoIP Gateway

After VoIP gateways were successfully connected to the office phone switch, it has to be configured to work with one or few VoIP telephony operators. Configuration operations are simple, written in understandable language. So, when connecting to urban lines of office phone station, phone switch needs only one setting: all calls beginning with the prefix “8”, should be redirected to VoIP gateway.

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VoIP Gateway
Concerning practical implementation, the VoIP gateways have proven to be the best. Many companies are successfully using the IP telephony thanks to its two main characteristics Decrease in international and long distance call cost expenditures Stable communications between company’s offices throughout different cities and counties
Cisco SPA8000 Gateway
VoIP Gateway Cisco SPA8000 – is a perfect solution as for communication operators as well as for VoIP telephony providers and any business using VoIP telephony with SIP protocol. Despite the fact the SPA8000 has 8 configurable SIP lines, in reality this device can support up to 16 active calls and possibility of a 3way conference. And pre-installed, by Cisco, services allow you to broaden and improve the possibilities of you regular analog phones and other communication tools, such as cordless phones or fax machines.
Grandstream GXW 4004
Grandstream GXW 4004 offers small organizations, home users, remote offices and companies with a territorial work system a high-performance solution with excellent price/quality ratio to more effectively manage the cost of communication, while expanding the functionality of existing telephone systems in organization. Grandstream GXW 4004 is a solution, which easily integrates into existing VoIP FXS phone systems and FXO gateways. 

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