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The Nitty Gritty on the Good of Gtalk

The Nitty Gritty on the Good of Gtalk

What is Google Talk, you ask?  In short, this feature of Google is the year 2012’s answer to instant messaging services.  It takes the idea associated of online text messaging, and has updated them to include a variety of other aspects, all with one goal in mind: to make the user’s life easier.  Imagine a Talk outlet that allows you to chat and share whatever is on your mind, and also fuses together concepts made popular by VOIP and SIP technologies, and you have a good starting overview on the innovative technology Google Talk  provides.

Instant Messaging Services

Known primarily for this function, Google Talk allows you to talk (or type) to anyone you want, and in real time no less.  While this was made popular years ago, Google takes it a step further by integrating the ability to send and receive files, and also to share Gchat status-esque updates on whatever you may be doing in a given moment.  With the ability to send thoughts and statuses as well as photos, videos, and other larger files, there seems little else Google Talk is able to do.  And yet there is so much more.

Voice Conversation Technology

In a marriage made in heaven, Google blends the ease of instant messaging with the comfort of being able to hear an actual human voice.  With voice chat capabilities, users can now make calls from PC to PC, with people anywhere on the planet.  It also includes conference call capacities for business purposes.  Whether for work or pleasure, you no longer have to be near a phone to take an important call.  Additionally, voice chat on Google Talk includes free long distance, and the option to integrate Gmail, so you can chat with your friends while typing to others.

Google Talk is riding high on a technological boon of innovations.  But even while these features are revolutionizing the way people talk to each other, the primary goal of Google technology is not to constantly be first in line for technological updates, but to continue to find new and more streamlined ways to bring people together.  Because the individual is at the heart of all this innovation.  Without a person on the other end of that phone call, all these techie gadgets would be completely null and void.  So if you can’t have that face to face conversation with the person you love, let Google help you stay connected to them, no matter what.

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