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The Perks of Google Voice

The Perks of Google Voice

We are riding a wave of the future that makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with loved ones, whether they are far away or just in the next room.  Google has already revolutionized the idea of the instant message through its signature email and chat service Gmail, but believe it or not, there was once a time when users were asking “what is Gmail?”  Similar questions have recently emerged about their new technological innovations, “what is Google voice?”  Little do they know, but this feature is rapidly gaining popularity, and is well on its way to tackling Skype as one of the top providers in online interface technology.

Sharing Voicemails

With the wave of social media, the trendiest thing to do these days is share, whether articles or videos.  With Google, now you can take it a step further and share voicemails.  Now everyone can be in on a personal message from Mom, or a sappy note from a significant other.
Screening Callers

Remember Caller ID?  With Google Voice, it’s back, and better than ever.  Never take an unknown call again with our patented number recognition technology.  With this feature, you are in control of everything, even if a stranger is trying to reach you.

Block Callers

By that same token, users are able to block out calls from any unwarranted parties.  Because Google believes in the importance of privacy, and in maintaining your peace of mind.  Avoid harassment or painful situations with someone you would rather not talk to by creating a list of blocked phone numbers.   

SMS to Email

A proud believer of cloud mentality, Google provides a number of options for making sure you receive important messages, no matter where you are.  If someone sends you a text message, not only will it appear on your phone, but also in your Google chat and mail inbox. Now, no matter if your phone is on your or not, you can still receive important updates from friends and family.

This is only some of what Google Voice can do.  The rest of its amazing features, including voice transcription, and mobile app capabilities, have to be experienced to be believed.  Try it out today, and instantly become more connected to loved ones than you ever thought possible.  But if they’re just in the next room, we really recommend you just come out and talk to them.

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