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Polycom, Inc.

Polycom, Inc is the world’s leading company, which supplies IP phones and complex organizational videoconferencing solutions in IP networks, combining a wide range of high definition video, wired and wireless communication as well as content. Complex systems of Polycom are based on most common standards; they ensure the growth in effectiveness of a business and provide high rentability of investments on all levels of management.
The solutions provided by Polycom offer reliable high quality video connection between desktop PCs, lecture rooms and conference rooms, thus creating an environment with a feeling of constant presence. The systems of individual use and high technology systems almost guarantee a full effect of presence with high quality video and audio. In fundamentals of Telepresence system, developed by Polycom, lays a unique set of fully unified elements, and implementation of such technologies as HD Video, HD Voice and HD Content takes the effect of Telepresence far from the usual limits of video communication.

Products of Polycom, Inc stand out with intuitively understandable and convenient user interface, capability of centralized management and broad connectivity with main VoIP platforms and systems of automatization of work flow.

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Polycom CX200
Polycom CX200 is specifically designed for Office Communications Server 2007, and therefore has many advantages. Product provides transmission of high quality broadband audio and creates an effect of a real live communication. Complex processing of sound in full duplex speakerphone greatly improves audio quality. The factors of regular body of a traditional phone and simple intuitive user interface are complementary and provide access to advanced features of Office Communications Server 2007 as well as Microsoft Office Communicator 2007.
Polycom CX700
Polycom CX700 is a premium-class phone for working with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Lync ™ Server 2010. This unit provides direct user access to all necessary resources of Microsoft OCS 2007 without using a computer with a built in Microsoft Office Communicator.
Polycom HDX 8000
Polycom HDX 8000 is the perfect solution for high quality video transmission. You will be able to communicate freely and naturally, and thanks to the built-in multipoint videoconferencing features you will be able to work simultaneously with documents, easily connect remote employees to work on a common project.
Polycom HDX4500
Polycom HDX4500 is a universal personal telepresence system that allows you use the latest UltimateHD technology in your existing environment of unified communications. The HDX 4500 system is made in a new form-factor, equipped with 24-inch display, 1080p camera and powerful speakers; it easy transforms any desktop computer into a multimedia communications center.
Polycom SoundPoint IP 335
Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 phone is perfectly suitable device for call center operators as well as in manager’s office. Due to its advanced functions and patented HD Voice™ technology it makes voice communication clear and precise and as a result more productive. It has high resolution display with a backlight, RJ-9 port for a handset and Polycom HD Voice putting this phone in the same line with business class phone, but at more attractive price.
Polycom SoundPoint IP 560
SoundPoint IP 560 is an IP phone with 4 lines, dual port GigE switch, and high quality sound technology Polycom HD Voice.
Polycom SoundPoint IP321/331
SoundPoint IP 321/331 is a SIP phone with 2-line support, which has excellent quality of sound and the wide range of IP telephony features. SoundPoint IP 321 has one 10/100 Ethernet port (331 model has two ports), through which it can be used in areas such as lobbies, hallways, resting rooms. You can also mount this device on the wall.
Polycom SoundStaion IP 6000
Polycom SoundStaion IP 6000 is a new generation conference phone, which offers some innovative features, including new stylish design and Polycom HD Voice technology. SoundStation IP 6000 is mostly suited for offices as well as small and medium sized conference rooms.
Polycom SoundStation Duo
Polycom SoundStation Duo is a versatile conference phone that works with both analog and IP- phone lines. This makes it a unique device - in fact, two phones in one! With this conference phone you will not need to figure out what type of line your colleagues or partners use. Polycom SoundStation Duo provides full communication through public telephone lines and IP-telephony lines.
Polycom Telepresence m100
Polycom ® Telepresence m100 video conferencing software is a solution that's perfect for small and medium businesses that need a cost-effective way to add video to their communication tools.

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