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Polycom, Inc.

Polycom, Inc.

Polycom, Inc is the world’s leading company, which supplies IP phones and complex organizational videoconferencing solutions in IP networks, combining a wide range of high definition video, wired and wireless communication as well as content. Complex systems of Polycom are based on most common standards; they ensure the growth in effectiveness of a business and provide high rentability of investments on all levels of management.
The solutions provided by Polycom offer reliable high quality video connection between desktop PCs, lecture rooms and conference rooms, thus creating an environment with a feeling of constant presence. The systems of individual use and high technology systems almost guarantee a full effect of presence with high quality video and audio. In fundamentals of Telepresence system, developed by Polycom, lays a unique set of fully unified elements, and implementation of such technologies as HD Video, HD Voice and HD Content takes the effect of Telepresence far from the usual limits of video communication.

Products of Polycom, Inc stand out with intuitively understandable and convenient user interface, capability of centralized management and broad connectivity with main VoIP platforms and systems of automatization of work flow.

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Polycom VVX 1500
Polycom VVX 1500 is a modern multifunctional media device, designed to effectively address business challenges: meetings, conferences or business meetings, control of work, virtual interview or project, just to list some of its possibilities.
Роlусоm PVX
Polycom PVX is software for video conferencing using a PC and a standard USB-camera.

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