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Роlусоm PVX

Polycom PVX is software for video conferencing using a PC and a standard USB-camera.
PVX provides connection at speeds up to 2 Mbit/s, supports People + Content, AES encryption, video standard H.264 and Polycom Siren 14 audio technologies. Polycom PVX is compatible with videoconferencing systems that support main industry standards.

IPriority function allows carrying out high quality "point to point" and "point-to-multipoint" connections through IP networks.

The application has to be installed on a PC and can work with USB cameras and ViaVideo codec; it also can work in the ViewOnly mode without using a camera. Most mobility is provided in combination of PVX with a laptop and portable USB camera.

Polycom PVX software is ideal for distance learning, telemedicine, work at home and during travel.

Polycom PVX is the first software solution that brings advanced video conferencing technology to your desktop computer (PC). Polycom PVX is the only product for the PC, which supports most types of standard Web-cameras, provides the opportunity to work together online with documents in People Content mode.

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