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Polycom SoundPoint IP 560

Polycom SoundPoint IP 560

SoundPoint IP 560 is an IP phone with 4 lines, dual port GigE switch, and high quality sound technology Polycom HD Voice.
The new SoundPoint IP 560 phone has a built in data transfer support between network computers via GigE protocol, and additionally an ability to contact with a unique opponent through unique IP. In relation to Polycom HD Voice technology SoundPoint IP 560 is an ideal solution for enterprises that regularly have to manage large amounts of concurrent phone calls and to use special applications in everyday work.  

Besides the support of GigE, SoundPoint IP 560 has a built in Polycom HD Voice high quality sound technology which ensures perfect „live” sound of voice. Main component of technology is a broadband G.722 voice codec (ITU standard), that is responsible for the precise voice transition. Enterprises can feel the un-doubtable benefits from installing IP endpoints with G.722 codec. Polycom HD Voice packet includes patented Acoustic Clarity technology, which has noise and echo cancellation and makes this phone a full duplex loudspeaker device.

Key features:
  • SIP Support
  • Codec Support: G.711, G.729a
  • 320X160 LCD Display
  • 4 programmable soft-keys
  • 8 functional keys
  • One 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
  • QoS support
  • TLS support
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE

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