Call Logs

Call Logs

Call logs include the date when you have called, the telephone number to which you called and the duration of the conversation. You can also add notes to the call log. You can review call logs by the telephone.

Call Logs call logs

SAN DIEGO saw that it was no longer on the server. ATT did not respond to repeated News 8 messages seeking clarification on the companionship's opportunity to retrieve deleted voicemail messages.

Zahau housewifery attorney Anne Bremner questioned why detectives under no circumstances tried to retrieve deleted voicemail from ATT. I'm sure you heard about this. Nesbit said since they had phone possession itself, there was no need to subpoena Rebecca's call logs.

call logs

Anne Bremner released 2 pages of Zahau's ATT phone bill and call logs to News 8 previous workweek. That's interesting. They revealed several calls and text messages in the hours till she died, and also calls from Zahau's sister, mary 'Zahau Loehner'. Officials should confirm what men and women they related to, 2 of 3 search warrants unsealed this working week were issued for cell phone records from ATT and Verizon. Nesbit said the warrants did not seekRebecca's phone records, nor did they relate to thephone records of Adam Shacknai, jonah's brother.

call logs

Now please pay attention. Bremner said her peronal investigation on Zahau behalf housekeeping uncovered a mystery lady spotted at the Spreckels mansion a hour or so earlier that same evening. Reported None witness accounts were confirmed by Sheriff's investigators.

In yet another development, bremner said she sent succeeding email message Wednesday evening to California Attorney common Kamala Harris. Nonetheless, please be advised that we represent Rebecca household Zahau. Jonah Shacknai requesting a review of the SDSD's investigation of Rebecca's death. Shacknai's letter. I'm sure you heard about this. In the interim, we want to be on record that we are probably not requesting a review. Essentially, quite, we are probably requesting a full liberal INVESTIGATION in the circumstances surrounding Rebecca's tragic death -with full input from us, our own experts or the investigators. We have noticeable and compelling crucial, analysis as well as facts and pivotal facts to share. On top of this, we have as well retained nearly 10 unimpeachable experts who with ample bases challenge suicide finding. Anyways, we have modern compelling evidence to be investigated and newest critical witnesses to be interviewed.

The man who prompted a SWAT standoff while barricaded inside a van in Carlsbad was taken in custody on Thursday nighttime. Standoff started offafter a police chase ended with a crash in a tree. Besides, san Diego police on Thursdayreleased facts on vehicle believed to be related in an attempted case kidnapping in Scripps Trail late this month.

This is where it starts getting intriguing, right? CBS News 8 Crimefighters are helping authorities in a manhunt looking for Gabriel Pollack. San Diego Padres outfielder Jose Urena and 2 free agent players been suspended for violating baseball's minor league drug blueprint.

That's where it starts getting very entertaining, right? reputed as the Musician's Musician, jake Shimabukuro will perform on his ukulele Thursday evening in North County. 1st in a series of chilly springtime storms expected to douse the San Diego place through weekend and in next workweek delivered modest rainfall Thursday.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation accepted a 250,000 check Thursday from Junior Seau Foundation. Thursday honoring regional girls dedicated to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Notice that sAN DIEGO (CBS - Coast Guard offloaded more than 14 cocaine tons Thursday forenoon at San Diego's Broadway Pier. The cocaine was seized in the Eastern Pacific ocean drug transit zone off Central coasts and South America between January and March. The seizure was 13 output vessel interdiction and one bale recovery by Coast Guard Cutters Berholf and Valian. Virtually, more than 14 cocaine tons snatched from seafaring drug runners by GI over the last 3 months was offloaded Thursday from a Coast Guard vessel at Broadway Pier.

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