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Custom Greetings

Custom Greetings

The service allows you making a personal greeting at the VoIP system. It is also possible to set different greetings depending on which department the calls will come in.

Custom Greetings custom greetings

Phoneforce -Forum -VoIP Phone outsourcing News, updates Support › common Discussion › Feature Requests › voicemail greeting determined with the help of caller ID superlong default Phoneforce voicemail greeting has usually been practically highly good in that it discourages a great deal of junk callers from leaving voicemail. They don't want to spend the time. Long greeting is usually not so good for buddies who have to wait through it. Considering the above said. Junk messages will come back, when I make greeting shorter for buddies.

Let me tell you something. ICM so that we could say send to voicemail with greeting X but not send to voicemail. I'm sure it sounds familiar.this way my chums may get a rather nice rather short greeting and rest get default. Possibly you have this feature again but we haven't stumbled over it? There probably was no way that you may have more than one voice mail greeting. You should not be able to have wanted calls move to one voice mail and unwanted callers to search for another voice mail. Very good option for you are to use the ICM's call screening feature. Consequently, you could create a contact group for the unwanted callers as you receive calls from them. Just keep reading. You may then set calls from the following numbers to be rejected. Then once more, thank you for our own patience and understanding in resolving this matter.

custom greetings

We hate screening calls. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. You still get distracted with the help of them, robust amount of calls usually were junk. Sounds familiar? Now with Phoneauthority we use a whitelist of reputed good callers so when phone rings, it is often worth replying. Essentially, i'd like to keep things easy, we could forward all of your voicemail to Google Voice.

How does that sound to describe how you setup our whitelist.

It will be good to merely maintain a list of no problem Callers and drop the rest to default voice mail hell, specifically with campaign time approaching. On top of this, you will need to enable ICM on the account when you haven't always. Now please pay attention. Once enabled go with the steps shown here.

Ok, and now one of the most important parts. In the event it isn't then following rule applies which rejects call, rules were always processed from top to bottom so in the event a call comes in and it always was in our group of contacts it will be sent to the phone.

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