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Email to Fax, and vice versa

Email to Fax, and vice versa

The service allows sending electronic mail to fax of the receiver, and vice versa, sending fax to email.

Email To Fax And Vice Versa email to fax and vice versa

While adapting pretty old technology to this kind of times we live in, when documents are managed electronically, digital faxing has greatly revolutionized way we send and get documents. What seems to be magic has been based on a procedure that involves FoIP technology and powerful use fax servers. Here you will ask how a fundamental process of sending online fax works. The document will be emailed to our own fax business's fax servers, right after you press send. Oftentimes the servers are usually capable of converting faxes to digital documents and which, viceversa and as well using FoIP stands for Fax Over Internet Protocol.

Those servers have probably been quite powerful and usually can look after documents in an instant. In sending case a fax, our digital file will be converted to a TIFF file, a format that is compatible with traditionary fax machines. With all that said. It is sent once again to the number you entered on TO field, once the document is converted. Notice, it is probably compatible with all current fax technology in addition to with fax machines, this fax has probably been sent via a phone straight. In the process of this step, the service may know trouble sending the fax due to busy phone lines. Essentially, in this case, fax will be sent once again until it is successfully delivered.

email to fax and vice versa

You will get a delivery notification, once document has reached its destination. Oftentimes when you receive fax in the Gmail inbox, this time other way around, it 1st proceeds with a related procedure to one described above.

Then, this time document goes from TIFF to PDF. You should take it into account. This time document goes from TIFF to PDF. Receiving Google Fax.

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