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Enhanced Voicemail

Enhanced Voicemail

The enhanced voicemail contains unique functions that allow keeping saved messages for longer time, more space for saving messages, a big length of a message and other qualities.
Enhanced Voicemail 

You may have the other day received a SMS about your planned conversion to a newest and improved voicemail structure. This article replies a lot of fairly simple questions customers have surrounding this enhanced voicemail method. All of your customers, in spite of device type they use, will need to 'rerecord' the personalized greeting, as an integral element of this rearrangement to the modern voicemail scheme. Until you 'rerecord' your own greeting, everyone leaving you a voicemail will hear a generic greeting.

Customers on Android DevicesGreat news! However, we've developed an innovative app that will let you to browse and interact with our voicemail visually.

enhanced voicemail

Customers on iPhonesYou will continue to have your messages on the device and will be able to retrieve your messages same way with no reviewing. So here's the question. Why have been you making this rethink? Your newest scheme provides quite a few improvements to the voicemail experience. Lots of info can be found easily online. Android users in particular will be able to get privilege of a modern app which will enable them to browse and interact with voicemail visually. We call this Visual Voicemail.

Why did I lose my greeting? Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Spire is making some rearrangements to your voicemail scheme to accept big modern features in the coming months. Actually record our own greeting once more and you'll be good to go. On top of that, in the event you have any unheard messages they probably were attainable while entering 9 when in newest structure. What modern features are you offering? Of course, for your Android customers, visual voicemail is now attainable. Various customers will see some good newest products in coming months that will make your own voicemail more convenient and efficient to manage. Of course, where have probably been they? Merely enter 9 when you check our own voicemail and it will make you back to any messages prior to the conversion. That said, all of your own older messages must be there.

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