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What is Skype?

What is Skype?

It’s not a secret that today the majority of the internet users have the access to IP telephony, which allows to transform your personal computer into a communication device with your friends and relatives. It is highly unlikely that nowadays you can meet a person who does not know about Skype. Everyone knows that voice over internet communication is not a new trend.
So, what is Skype? It is a program for easy, not limited by distance and timing communication and, most importantly, completely free for anyone.  If you would try to describe Skype, most probably one can say that this is convenient software and provides its user with more flexibility than its direct rivals.

If you used ICQ at least once, than to figure the Skype settings is not going to be a difficult task for you. A contact list window, search window, instant chat messages, in addition to voice - all this will help to organize the most pleasant communication between users of this popular program.

During the registration Skype users can choose any available nickname. If in example, you already created a contact list, so in order to call you just have to click on the name from the list and select option to call, when you decide to stop the conversation you have to click on stop button.

The main quality of the program is a high quality of voice transmission. Skype does not spend a lot of traffic - a few hours of continuous talk will require no more than 8-10 MB. Of course, if you do not use conferencing.

What is the standard version of Skype? It allows communication only between the users of computers on which it is installed. For a relatively small fee you can make calls to regular landline phones around the world, if you will use an additional service SkypeOut.

SkypeIn service allows other phone service users to make phone calls to your computer, as if to a regular landline or mobile phone. In this case, you can also use Skype voice mail services, and answering machine software.

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Clear One ChatAttach160
If you will connect two high functional ChatAttach160 speakerphones, you will get a convenient loudspeaker communications system for Skype perfectly suitable for large offices. Speakerphone is connected to a personal desktop computer or a notebook through universal USB port.
FREETALK Connect Me device is an adapter for analog home phone (ATA), which allows making and receiving free and unlimited Skype calls using regular analog phone. Thanks to FREETALK Connect Me you can call landlines and mobile phones in your own country and abroad, and can assign up to 99 contacts to the speed dial list. FREETALK Connect Me can be used in the office or at home with a large number of handsets running from one base: in this case, all the phones will be calling at competitive Skype rates.
Jabra Speak 410
Jabra SPEAK 410 is designed for employees who have a need for frequent conference calls. With its compact design and the availability of travel case the device is convenient on the move, and the integrated cable allows a fast connection. Jabra SPEAK ™ 410 is the perfect solution for instant conferencing and better interaction between staff.
LifeSize Passport MicPod HD Videoconferencing System
This is a HD videoconfencing system, which includes LifeSize Codec, HD Audio LifeSize MicPod, wireless remote contrel and HD 720p wide angle 4x optical zoom camera. The Passport MicPod allows using point to point HD video communication, live streaming, one button recording and data sharing.
Phoenix Audio MT202-PCO Duet PCS Speakerphone
Mostly suited for small and medium conference room need, the Phoenix Audio Duet PCS USB speakerphone has full duplex sound and advanced echo cancellation technology. The device is connected to a PC using USB port, ensuring power supply to the microphone and the built in speaker. Duet PCS is a small device, which does not require a lot of space on your desk. Additionally it can be connected to other Duet PCS therefore to be converted from a desktop speakerphone into a medium size speakerphone in a conference room, what it makes it a great choice for office and relatively small departments.
Plantronics Calisto P240 USB Handset
This is a portable USB handset for PC communications, it has noise cancelling microphone, wideband audio and a familiar handset desing.
Plantronics Calisto P835M
Plantronics Calisto P835M is USB speakerphone optimized for work with Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Lync. Calisto P835M is the first speaker in UC product family line, which unifies the possibility of simple call management and simultaneous work with cell phone, computer and analog telephone line. 
Skype Add-ons
What is Skype for all of us today? This is a very convenient service, enabling us to communicate with friends, family and loved ones on-line, no matter how far they are. Without even mentioning the low prices for outgoing calls to mobile or landline phones, video chat and conferences, where you can gather all your friends at once. And what is required from the user? Yes trifle; for starters, you need an Internet connection (for video calls and chats - free), Skype download and a simple registration. That's it. Experienced users have tested the advantages of Skype and social networking for a long time, but the additional of plug-ins for this excellent program are known for very few people. This article will try to tell you about the most interesting additions to Skype.
Skype for iPad
Skype for iPad is perfectly designed and optimized precisely for that device. It offers the best of both worlds for users who want to make greater use of Skype on the go. Big screen of iPad is perfect for Skype video calls and it supports both horizontal and vertical orientation. And since we are dealing with IPad, Skype video calls can be made on the beach, in the car or even lying on the couch.
Skype for Windows 8
After downloading the program from the Windows Store, Skype will appear in the main menu of Windows 8. When you will run the application, you will be able to see all your recent calls, as well as contact lists.

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