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Softswitch Solutions for VoIP Providers

Softswitch is the central part of telecommunications network. That’s why it is vital to choose reliable and stable VoIP  softswitch to succeed on the VoIP market.  Ideally it automates and optimizes VoIP business processes and maximizes your profit.
Speedflow Communications offers such solutions. Our softswitch platforms are end-to-end solutions which don’t require any third-party software for successful operation. It guarantees compatibility and stable work of all the platform components.

We provide VoIP businesses with the following softswitch solutions:
The MediaCore Class 4 Softswitch for VoIP wholesale carriers. It is a high performance softswitch for VoIP transit providers designed to handle the high peaks of traffic. It has the following features:
-          Dynamic routing mechanism with LCR;
-          Integrated advanced billing tools;
-          Revenue assurance system Guardian for traffic quality estimation;
-          Protocol and codec converter;
-          Session Border Controller functionality.
Speedflow Communications will assist you in case you make your mind to migrate to the Mediacore. Migration procedure is easy and fast.
The CallMax Class 5 Softswitch for VoIP retail providers. It is a proprietary Linux-based solution. CallMax has integrated VoIP billing and such features as:
-          IP PBX;
-          Calling Card Platform;
-          Call Back;
-          Call Shop
-          SIP-trunking;
-          DID numbers support;
-          Multilevel IVR.
Speedflow Communications provides all the customers with the 24/7 online NOC support, regular free release upgrades and updates. Company offers free trial period before buying Softswitches.

Speedflow VoIP software solutions are available for buying and renting. Voice providers can rent turn-key solution. It includes VoIP softswitch, dedicated servers, collocation, and necessary Internet bandwidth. Everything is included in this offer. Speedflow cooperates with the well-known data-centers in Europe, North America and Asia. So, company can guarantee stability, reliability and redundancy of the solutions.

Be sure that turn-key solution will absolutely meet your requirements. Speedflow offers individual approach for every client preparing custom-made solutions. Company maintains it and solves all the questions. Long-term cooperation and mutual benefit are the key components of Speedflow business.

You are welcome to test Class 4 & Class 5 VoIP softswitch solutions developed by Speedflow Communications and make the right choice for your business success.

For more information regarding our proprietary solutions for VoIP providers, please visit Speedflow corporate web-site.

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