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2N Blue Tower

2N Blue Tower

2N BlueTower is the optimal solution for medium-sized companies with a high frequency of calls to mobile networks. This is a GSM / UMTS gateway, which can significantly reduce the cost of telephone calls. Its efficient router is able to find the cheapest connection route and will always use the most favorable direction (SIM-card).
As well as the 2N StarGate, 2N BlueTower can be used in DialThru mode, which saves your PBX ISDN ports.

Another feature that will help reducing the cost of calls is CallBack, due to which you can reduce the cost of roaming. Another useful feature of the gateway is sending SMS-messages or group SMS-messages from mail client.

GSM / UMTS 2N BlueTower gateway combines effective communication solution and tool for direct marketing. It can significantly reduce the costs of your company and provides new opportunities for access to customers and business partners.

Main advantages:
  • Saves communication costs
  • Direct Marketing Tool
  • Consideration of free minutes
  • DialThru connection mode
  • Receiving / sending SMS-messages
  • CallBack feature

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