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What is a VoIP phone?

Getting VoIP service installed is only part of the solution. But you have to get the best VoIP calling experience. Unfortunately that is not just about the VoIP service.

VoIP phone plays a big part in the experience of quality calls. And there are several phones to choose from, like VoIP phones for Home, business, SIP or cheap phones.That's the reason of the importance of the information, whicn is found here. In couple of minutes you can find out a lot more about the Voice over IP technology powering it.

Actually, how about if we clarify what is a Voice over IP phone?

You understand that it differs from the dial up phones. But to understand where it is different is not that difficult. It is a telephone where IP technologies and transport protocols are utilized in combination with VoIP service to make calls. It may look like a traditional telephone though a different technology (IP) is implemented.

IP...sounds familiar

That's correct. If you think that you've heard the term IP before, it's because you did. IP or Internet Protocol, a way of transporting packets through your LAN (Local Areal Network) and or WAN (Wide Area Network). This is the same technology utilized by your data network to send and receive information.

Term VoIP is also coming from there. It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is widely used term, which is associated with the sending over voice calls over a network.

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Cheap VoIP Phones
Does Cheap VoIP communication means cheap VoIP phones? Statistics about VoIP communications: in 2010 are sold 164 million IP-Phones (in according with ‘’In-Stat’’ Inc. findings) in comparison with 10 million sold in 2006. According to “Juniper research’’ market of VoIP PBXs is $ 1.6 billion in2009; average price per VoIP phone dropped twice (50%) sine last five years. However, average life expectancy of an average VoIP phone system is 7 years.
Cordless VoIP Phones
Cordless VoiP phones, compatible with Skype What happens when you use Skype regularly for phone calls, but you don’t wish to stick around your PC or laptop computer? Several manufacturers have deployed these customers expectations and started  to develop Skype compatible wireless or cordless VoIP phones and USB powered ones, of course, additional Wi Fi Skype suitable devices are introduced on market either. There is variety of ways to use Skype with a hand held device instead of using traditional PC softphones. The overview of several of available on market cordless VoIP Skype suitable phones:
LifeSize Softphone
LifeSize Softphone offers support for Full HD, a simple and intuitive interface and improved data encryption. All this means that remote users of mobile PC and Mac computers, wherever they may be, have the opportunity to interact in a completely safe environment.
Polycom HD Phones
Recently Polycom has declared appearance of Polycom HD Voice technology, its brand new audio technology for dedicated telephones that brings massive improvements into audio quality to regular business application desktop phone systems. Polycom HD Voice phone solutions are created evolving advanced technologies that Polycom has worked on more than 15 years, accumulating an experience in voice, and particularly VoIP communications.  New Polycom phones will introduce set of innovations in areas of wideband audio, enhanced signal processing, Acoustic Clarity Technology, technologies for full duplex in transparent execution, sound echo cancellation, dynamic noise reduction, automatic adjustments of microphones etc. Specialized integrated system purposed to deliver utmost clarity and richness into Polycom VoIP phones. Fore instance, Polycom VoIP desk phone SoundPoint IP 650 being a middle rated business desktop VoIP phone, is rated as equal or superior than these top ranking conference phones of other vendors.
Voip Phones for Home
General tips on implementation of VoIP phones for home and VoIP communications as a main method.

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