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Recently Google has released its new Nexus 6 mobile phone, and it comes with several tweaks, one of which is the fact, that the device is locked for several carriers. Previously Nexus smart phones were open for all carriers and any SIM cards, but it seems that Nexus 6 still can be useful for various carriers in some cases.
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With more than 45% of consumers are expected to buy smart phones or any other digital devices during this  festive season, voipproviderslist.com has created a list of shop advices for parents where to get a first mobile phone for their child.
Mobile Internet revolution does not show any signs of slowing down, with income almost 73 Billion GBP per year for TOP5 European countries.
CounterPath Corporation, being the true leader in sector of differentiated mobile VoIP software applications, has announced about deployment of its Bria Mobile softphone by VirtualPBX.com, in order to empower subscribers of company’s VirtualPBX service to transform their cellular phones into VoIP endpoints that are operationally completely interchangeable with the appropriate business VoIP platforms.
Companies Accenture and one of the prominent eCommerce entity Acquity Group have announced a definitive agreement. In framework of the initiative Accenture acquires Acquity, thus improving marketing positions and extending the outreach of IT services that Accenture brings up to its customer base.
Enterprise Comcast Business, being the subsidiary of Comcast Cable and one of the US biggest video, Web and telephony solutions operator working for business and residential clientele, has been ranked as the annual leader of VoIP Services industry for the second time.
Enterprise Birch Communications, being the provider of VoIP communications and associated cloud tools for SMB industrial sector, has announced the intentions to acquire associated customer base and network platforms from company Lightyear Network Solutions.
Company IntelePeer, being the famous provider of tailored cloud-based telecoms applications, and Vidtel Corporation, an innovative manufacturer of all-in-IP video conferencing utilities, have announced a launch of strategic cooperation, aimed at delivering of highly versatile video conferencing applications to cover all issues of B2B collaboration.
Enterprise T-Mobile Netherlands has deployed cloud built all-in-IP business communications platform designed and developed by Interactive Intelligence Group.
Enterprise Metalogix, being one of the well-recognized producer of cloud infrastructure, has announced the release of specific Content Matrix Migration Express to support optimized and efficient SharePoint migrations.
Enterprise Davinci Virtual, being the well-recognised deliverer of cloud embedded services of virtual office, has announced the release of its dedicated website.

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