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Recently Google has released its new Nexus 6 mobile phone, and it comes with several tweaks, one of which is the fact, that the device is locked for several carriers. Previously Nexus smart phones were open for all carriers and any SIM cards, but it seems that Nexus 6 still can be useful for various carriers in some cases.
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Company Synaxon, being the United Kingdom famous distribution group, has signed a strategic contract with a prominent BT partner, DMSL, ensuring its members the full-fledged access to the broad list of BTs business and subscribers functionalities.
Company Yorktel has rolled out innovative all-in-IP application, in format of video telecommunications utility. The product is expected to accommodate ever growing demands form broad customer base.
Company Evolve IP, being the well recorded cloud communications provider, has announced about being selected by the Cloud Security Alliance's (CSA) Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR).
Enterprise iTalk has announced its finalised intention to buy company RocketVoIP, Inc., as a prominent provider of residential and business broadband deployed VoIP telephony with the more than one decade working experience.
Enterprise Maintel, being one of the prominent business level telecoms has announced the honorable role in the industry, getting the ranking of only Avaya’s partner in the United Kingdom.
Enterprise COMLINK, being the provider of broadband communications, data processing and management applications, as well as dynamic VoIP services, has announced the deployment of Active Power's CleanSource UPS platform for its brand new data center.
Enterprise Impact Telecom, being the prominent provider of VoIP associated products and data processing platform, has announced the final stage of acquisition of Matrix Telecom, Inc. along with the several subsidiaries under the branding name.
One of the prominent VoIP telecommunications providers Birch Communications, has announced the signing of a purchase contract with the company Ernest Communications, in order to receive their customer base, digital accounts and physical hardware of the partner.
Enterprise BroadSoft, Inc. has released specific WebRTC option for its UC-One platform, which will forward ahead real-time Unified Communications much further than boundaries of the corporation networks -- to any endpoint, partnership or supplier network by means of a WebRTC-managed browser.
Belgian enterprise Azlan, being of the prominent European reseller of corporate level networking, computation and differentiated software applications, has been approved as an authorized distributor by company IP Trade, being the provider of VoIP telecommuniations solutions and all-in-IP data processing and collaborated tools for basic companies’ environments, for the European and Middle East region.

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